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Dirty Rice

This "highly seasoned" entertainment entree showcases the talents of vocalists Cathi Rice, Jerry Fightmaster, and Bobby Lewis.

Jerry, Cathi, and Bobby deliver a tasteful, high-energy performance that is easily adaptable to suit small intimate venues, or large corporate events.

The savory sounds of DIRTY RICE include the very finest vocal selections from Rock, Pop, Standards, Blues, Oldies, R&B, Jazz, and Country music.

CATHI RICE... Demure and soft-spoken, Miss Cathi is every inch a lady. If you have not yet heard Cathi , nothing can prepare you for what is in store… Cathi can caress a sensitive lyric with an almost angelic tenderness and then, scant seconds later, erupt like a full-tilt vocal volcano. Cathi is happiest when sharing her precious vocal gifts with others. Do your guests a favor and make arrangements to experience this entertainment phenomenon.

JERRY FIGHTMASTER... brings an understated elegance which other vocalists envy. Jerry's smile, and the lush, honeyed tones of his romantic ballads do little to prepare one for the rumbling earthquake of vocal power that he can bring forth. at the drop of a hat. Consider yourself warned.

MISTERBOBBY... To put it quite simply… Bobby Lewis commands the stage. This veteran entertainer holds entire audiences captive, but they are willing hostages. Bobby combines his own special brand of soul artistry with a sweet, classy, yet high-powered vocal delivery. Bobby’s credentials include performing across the nation in some of the finest theatres, night clubs, and resorts. Bobby performs with a flair few entertainers can match. Whether in the role of blissful balladeer, hard rocker, soul master, country crooner, or blues shouter; “misterbobby” leaves no doubt that he is… “the genuine article”. Do you remember Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose? Bobby enjoyed several years performing as a featured member of this million-selling recording act., Eddie Cornelius is still Bobby’s mentor and very dear friend, to this day. The group’s list of hits on the United Artists label include… “Its Too Late To Turn Back Now” and “Treat Her Like A Lady”. Are you planning a wedding? In addition to providing entertainment for your guests, misterbobby can also officiate at your marriage ceremony. Let's talk about it.

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