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Dirty Fences

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Dirty Fences

For the past three years, Dirty Fences have been dropping occasional releases into the marketplace that have the metaphorical impact of tossing a concussion grenade into a mosh pit. Mining a rich vein of NYC Rock, particularly The Ramones, as well as shades of The Stooges, The Stones and the history of greasy Garage Punk, Dirty Fences have evolved from distorted emulators to full bore originators, as evidenced by their most recent full-length, the pummeling, swaggering Full Tramp. If Kiss had turned their back on spectacle and remained in touch with their street roots, they’d be Rice-A-Roni-poor, but they’d be making a joyful noise like Dirty Fences.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: The New York Dolls, The Ramones and The Dictators fight urban blight in NYC by playing loud enough to destroy abandoned buildings. (BB)

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