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Death Dealaz

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We are the evolution of rap... the villians of hip hop. The darkside from the back of your mind. Founded in 2003, we are an unique group, blending rock r&b rap jazz and classical music together into what we call Melodik Rap. Our lyrics and music are one, we do not create mere beats, we create SONGS. we do not emulate the typical view of rappers by portraying the "thug" image. When you see us, you won't think "rapper". When we see you, we think "target". 

We are out to destroy the view you think you have. We are here to destroy the so called rappers that have poisoned the industry. We are here to bring the serious dark side of rap back, as well as the deep and intellectual side. We are musical storytellers that can weave a story through your soul. We are dark lyricists that spit the point of view you forgot. We are composers that create the songs of heaven and the tales from Hell. We are the ressuerction of the dying hip hop and we are coming to wage war against the lames and haters that have fucked up this industry. 

We are the Death Dealaz. The evolution of rap the resurrection of hip hop. And we are coming. 

PS we also can make a mean sex song too! we are a versatile group that makes songs bout everything. From sex to drugs from stories to views on life from fighting to dying from living to games, we pride ourselves on creating unique songs. We create our own beats and play almost all of the instruments that we use. We take inspiration from our own experiences and points of view. We have a type of song for all listeners but we have our own style that we do not plan on changing. Welcome to our world the world of the Death Dealaz.

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