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Daymare was formed in the fall of 2013 by Dustin Rinehart and Austin Spears with a desire to blend their collective influences into something unique, genuine, and entirely their own. Having been a part of numerous rock projects throughout their lives spending countless hours in studios, vans, and mop bucket clubs, the duo felt it was time for a new approach.

With only two people at the helm they began writing, recording, and self-producing a debut full-length LP in their home studio. The plan was simple: Austin on the drums in addition to taking charge with engineering and production while Dustin handles guitar, bass, and vocal duties. Over the next year and through much trial and error, they managed to produce a collection of songs that are highly indicative of the tumultuous time they were recorded during. Relationship issues, substance abuse, death, and a general air of chaos were ever present throughout writing and recording. The result is a dark, high energy rock record for fans of such luminaries as Quicksand, Helmet, Biffy Clyro, Jimmy Eat World, Face to Face, Foo Fighters, and many more.

Now with their record aptly titled “Accidents” on its way to a full scale release in 2015, Daymare is a four-piece rock band with the addition of Eric Lozier (guitar) and Kyle Hull (bass). Playing live shows and promoting the record…a record that once seemed to be an insurmountable feat to finish…is now a top priority for the band. Look for Daymare performing live throughout the year supporting “Accidents” and reminding the public that rock shows can still be fun, sweaty, loud affairs without samplers or synthpop beats. Besides, a Les Paul will always be sexier than a keytar. And that is simply a fact.

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