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Counterfeit i

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Chicago based experimental act Counterfeit i is the brainchild of songwriter and front man Derek Allen, blending melody, noise and art since 2008.

The project has been established through a series of growing and maturing releases, beginning with 2009’s Circuitry and culminating in Allen’s latest release, Still Vol. 1.

Rather than remaining a studio band focused only on creating music, Counterfeit i have pushed their sound into an effective live format, with the addition of touring members Ryan Worthy (Bass, Keys) and Tyler Kirgiss (Drums). Counterfeit i’s schedule has seen them play along side musicians as diverse as Project 86 and Bile, performing on both national and regional tours, and spreading their sound a long way from their hometown of Chicago.

Counterfeit i’s goal is simple yet sincere; to create the best art they can. Reaching this goal will see them traveling further than ever in 2014 and continuing to translate these experiences into their own music.

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