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Coralee and the Townies

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Coralee and the Townies are a Lexington, Kentucky based band of a genre they’ve self-defined as HONKY TONK SOUL. And it’s a fitting description, as the sextet whoops and weeps with traditional authenticity and contemporary energy, with Coralee’s husky vocals front and center and the Townies providing a righteous, raucous rootenanny soundtrack around her. Having pushed an EP produced by Duane Lundy (Ben Sollee, Vandaveer, These United States) two years ago, Coralee and the Townies have established themselves locally as tip-top contenders guaranteed to draw a diverse crowd known to include multiple generations of devoted fans. This is most certainly attributable to combined on-stage experience of more than 150 years as the "Townies" are exactly as their name would suggest- players as experienced and on the scene as any band comes- each hand picked for just that reason by Coralee, herself.

Since the release of their debut, self-titled EP (available for listen and download at Coralee and the Townies have been building a regional following in Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina, and Tennessee and are back in the studio with Duane Lundy, working toward their first full length release. Look forward to singles, music videos, and documentaries (oh my!) to be released in the very near future!

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