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Community Service

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It seems like the name Community Service would explain it all. But just like everything else in life needs explanation and detail of what serves its purpose. This highly anticipated Hip-Hop group from Cincinnati Ohio seems to be just what they claim to be a “Community Service”. When you hear the name, just know that this group is not what you portray from the underground music scene, it’s something more. 
Group members: Grease (Ezra Sebastian) / Natti Rosco (Kevin Plasvic) / 7even 5th (Shawn Johnson) are natives born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio. Being a product of your environment shows what you stand for, and their main objective is to bring essence to the culture of what now seems to be lost and forgotten. Community Service, with their raw lyrics and epic production you can definitely feel their aggression and meaning behind this music. 
The Debut album: “Bastards Of Saints”, is just scratching the surface of what’s to come from this authentic Hip-Hop group. This album you will hear lyricist in its truest form and epic production produced by Grease. Each member brings a certain style and delivery on the album that seems to be woven within the sound. Community Service is forming a plantation in Hip-Hop and surfacing the streets to all the masses, which you will not forget...

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