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Cinema Sleep

Cinema Sleep is redefining rock and roll, recording music that creates a balance between traditional heavy rock with melodic elements twisted with an occasional pop blend.   The five musicians that form Cinema Sleep include Brady Reis, lead vocals, Alex Asch, lead guitar and keyboards, Trevor Johnson, rhythm guitar, Ryan Meyers, bass guitar and Kevin Vincent, drums, have a stellar resume, quite an accomplishment, considering the bands average age is only 22.  Each individually accomplished, their personal music styles and backgrounds bring a blend of Jazz, rock and pop.  The members had played collectively in other bands and had huge followings, which made the creation of Cinema Sleep an exciting transition for their fans.   

Taking influences from Top 40 radio rock, pop and underground,  Cinema Sleep’s sound will  set the tone for modern rock and roll and will carry rock through the 21st century.  Cinema Sleep’s  sound is unique and non-generational and is considered creative radio rock.

Produced by platinum record award winner, Kris Crummett, their debut album has been awaited by fans and critics alike and has been well received, being played on radio stations, even before it premiers . 

The new album, titled,  “Make Your Way” reflects the bands personal growth.  Still maintaining a sound that made them popular with previous projects, this album takes the music to a whole new level with a more mature sound.  Alex Asch who composes most of the music draws from his jazz training to “write the prettiest music he possibly can”.  Lyricist, Brady Reis, “draws inspiration from personal experiences as well as his interpretation of today’s society.”  The music coupled with the precision of this group of professional musicians creates magic.   

After months of writing, rewriting and hours in studio production, the first single scheduled to be released is “Through This House” followed by “Take Me Home.”  Other songs on the album include,  “Light To Shadows”, and  “In Dreams” with a bonus track, “The Response”, recorded by producer, Tyler Smyth. The album is due to be released on May 29, 2012 and will be available on I-Tunes, Zune and Amazon. 

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