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Car Rides

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Started out back in April when Travis and Corey were just jammin' on acoustics, then they realized they had a nice drum set that was put to no use. So they then hit up their close pal Tyler Harrison about beatin' up on the skins, he came in the next day after hitting him up about playing and said he was feelin' it and to count him in! So we wrote a few short and simple songs to play a buddies house show but wanted to get more technical so about a week before the house show we hit up an old High School friend about playing and he told us to come down. We all tweeked our songs as best as possible a week before the show to where we could show off some of our talent. We had a different bassist at that time but being in a band was just a bit much for him, hope the best for you man. So after trying to find a fill in we hit up our old chum who use to play bass to see if he had any interest, and he jumped on the opportunity. Since then we've wrote some of the most pop punk tones, with metal riffs, and hardcore breakdowns to form Car Rides. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for the support and we love you all.<3

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