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Cadaver Dogs

These unruly mutts are taking you out for a night on the town, and they’re not bringing protection.

They’re charmers. They’re heart breakers. They are rock-and-roll, but first and foremost, they’re wild fucking animals. So if you’re looking to get some strange, you’ve come to the right band. With the release of their carnal new album, On All Fours, Cadaver Dogs have rewritten the rules on excess, indulgence, hedonism. With Cadaver Dogs, too much is never enough.

Having already spread their dirty disease across the Midwest supporting bands including Foxy Shazam, Riverboat Gamblers, Free Energy, Hollerado, and the Flatliners, Cadaver Dogs are now marking their territory on an international level and their next stop is your brain stem. They’ll electrify senses you never even knew you had, beat you to death and jolt you back to life with one quick thrust.

So throw down that needle and feel what’s like to have a one night stand with a savage beast. Your hormones will rage, you’ll scream for more, but the Dogs are moving on and you’re just another lucky victim.

Think you can take it? Then get On All Fours and take a peek at the band that everybody wants to see.

This band isn't local to Cincinnati.

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