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Bright Eyed Youth

       Bright Eyed Youth was birthed in the Winter of 2009 by a group of industrious young'ens. What began as a project to create a song for a school-sponsored variety show soon became a band hungry for live performance and creative experimentation. After several name changes and copious songwriting while holed up in the basement of drummer Justin Van Wagenen's home, the quintet was solidfied by the end of the next year.

      The self-titled EP that followed in June of 2011--recorded at Oso studios in Northside--garnered a good deal of attention in the Cincinnati music scene, from fellow artists and music-lovers alike. Just several months later, those tracks were being played live for a sold-out crowd at The Underground, opening for other Ohio alt-rockers Twenty One Pilots. At that time, the musical dynamic could be best described through a theoretical which the lead singer of Fleet Foxes, The Black Keys, and the keyboardist from Air have a lovechild who then grows up in the 80s before asexually reproducing the five members of a band. Hence, the sound was principally blues and synth-inspired indie rock.

      Two years later, BEY remains as a transitive, more musically complex beast. While gigging at numerous venues in and around Cincinnati, their music was gaining a certain psychedelic and jazzy edge. Throughout the last year, the chaps have been hard at work on a completely self-recorded and mixed EP of new material--the BEIGE-EP out on 1/23/14. 

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