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Breakneck Pace

Formed by guitarist Garian "Wildman" Perry. The Mark I lineup of Breakneck Pace was formed on January 22nd, 2012. It was a great run, unfortunately members parted ways, and wished luck for him and the band in the future. Within a matter of weeks he got a ton of audition offers for the band's Mark II lineup. He found singer Ethan "Loki" Jackson and his friend Jake Decker from Ameila, and from a friendly recommendation he found drummer Jeff Ables. We are now in search of a bassist. Now together with the world opening up to us and our music in our hearts we will pave the way for Heavy Metal music once more!!! We along with our metal brethren will raise the music scene out here from its shambles. Showing that good music with power, passion, and soul is still out there and is long overdue for a comeback. Turn It Up And Rip The Knob Off!!!!
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