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Borrowed Blue

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Young country rock outfit Borrowed Blue encompasses the homegrown distinction of the "boy next door" and the heart of "Blue Mist" pride. A "direct connect" to Bluegrass state mottos and character, the trio's roots keep them patriotic to Kentucky past-times and tradition as official Borrowed Blue signatures. With a mutual passion for basketball and an acquired taste for bourbon, Matt, Brandon and Jordan are all members of the same congregation as faithful UK fans who have developed a distinctive thirst for an age-old sporting event and indulgence.

"Kentucky basketball is not just a sport or a pastime, it's a lifestyle; all three of us thrive on Wildcat spirit. Side by side with our music, it's like no other bond."-Brandon

As a consequence of a casual "hang," the deep coolness of Matt Cooper's vocal ability was discovered. Cooper's vocals, and his stand as a lead singer, are as surprising as the prize found in the bottom of a Cracker Jack box.

"Two short years ago, I really didn't know I could sing, or that I even wanted to be a singer. I was hanging with the guys, watching a game; they brought out their guitars and asked me to sing. I think we all raised our eyebrows and scratched our heads. I have a personal relationship with a fellow Kentucky boy, Eddie Montgomery, who has encouraged me. That was the boost I needed." -Matt

The question from there was not "Why?" But rather, "Why Not?" Without contemplation, nor hesitation, Borrowed Blue was formed. Sacrificing steady jobs and girl-steadies, there was no alternative to forging forward. 

"In addition to truly being friends, our strongest link is our commitment to one another --that's what makes this band work." -Jordan

With young spirits unbridled and an upbringing instilling humbleness and confidence, the guys of Borrowed Blue are free to dream big, one and all, and they have an undeniable willingness and commitment to push beyond any boundaries. A band of brothers (and childhood friends), reigning from the Lake Cumberland region, the three-man band is--in keeping with the saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." The "old" is an extraction from the sounds the young men grew up listening to (Metallica, Zeppelin, Skynyrd, George Thorogood, Garth Brooks and Keith Whitley) brought to life in "new," contemporary Borrowed Blue fashion. The ensemble describes their music as "'Animal House' blues country-- guaranteeing a good feelin' groove for a plain ole good time." Borrowed Blue is a well-constructed vessel. Matt Cooper (lead vocals/aka "Coop") is the oak, Brandon Davis (drummer/nicknamed "Pretty Boy") is the spit-polish and shine, and Jordan Latham (rhythm guitar) is the mechanic. Contributing to the three-dimensional sides of Borrowed Blue's music, the "individuality" of each member (ranging in age from 22 to 24) is what brands the performing group's personality. Like the cat that ate the canary, "Coop" sports an innocence while baring a smirk that makes one wonder if he's "up to no good" or just keeping a good secret. A man of few words, Jordan is a "surprise waiting to happen;" his "silent but deadly" persona lends itself to mystery on stage and off and "Katy bar the door," Brandon oozes with southern charm loaded with wit; he's a sin "waitin' to happen."

"Our unique personalities bring the group together to make it whole. Matt is unwavering --'steady-as-she-goes,' Brandon is the 'igniter,' and I am very calibrated, everything I do is deliberate -Jordan

With a carefree spirit where time knows no end and the future holds "sky is the limit" possibilities, the three Kentucky-bred musicians fittingly enough boast the youthfulness of twenty-something "good time Charlie's" while embodying a maturity evident in the depth and timelessness of their musical storylines.

The recurring theme woven throughout the Borrowed Blue premiere 8-song LP, entitled JUST GETTIN' STARTED, (produced by Ira Dean-formally of Trick Pony) is centered on simplistic sentiments and country life rich in the luxuries of a "satisfied mind." The debut single release, "Porch People" (written and produced by Eric Heatherly), is a lifestyle piece and a prideful testament dueling a rendition of the Bronx's front stoop sitting with a country-style twist where "Shuckin' Corn Sittin' On A Tailgate, Hound Dog Layin' In The Cool Shade, Smell Of Mama's Cookin' Through The Screen Door, Keepin' It Real" is the pride of country living and worn on the sleeves of southern belles and gentlemen with great satisfaction to define their culture. "Days Like These" weighs heavy on the ordinary moments made splendid with beaus side by side and highlights the overwhelming surge of contentment and desire to "replay the day." The boys showcase their "rebel" yell with heavy drum tracks and electric guitar riffs in "I Shouldn't Love This," a tug of war between the way momma raised her sons and the magnetic attraction to a little "dancin' with the devil," and "Back That Truck Up," a high energy, playful tune "head lighting" the end result of corn-fed men with hillbilly-elixir filled aluminum cans, flatbed trucks and pretty women. The guys of Borrowed Blue expose their sensitivity in the romantic "Rain," the reflective and regretful "Lost You" and the comforting "Dream of Me." With spontaneous behavior spawned by rainy days, lost love, and grilling up five-dollar steaks on a twenty- dollar grill, the tracks encompass the breadth of everyday life as if time were bottomless.

"Our goal is to create that 'moment.' A moment in time that the listener may recall from the past, an in-the-now moment that they'll remember from this day forward, or a moment to move them to buy another ticket to come out and see us again. We just want to make music that's memorable and 'touches' each and every listener." -Matt

Residing in a community with the lake as their playground, Matt, Brandon and Jordan all have a natural affinity for life on the water and their way of life shines through in their music. As calm as the waters at sunset and as adrenaline-driven as mid- regatta, their lyrics are as "easy as a Sunday morning," yet light the room up like a barn burning. From party-cove to a blanket- for-two on the shore, Borrowed Blue has entertainment value that will make waves for years to come. Whether watching waves crest the shore on a Friday evening or making an impression before a roaring crowd in a juke joint, Borrowed Blue takes the listener on a whimsical musical escape guaranteed to become a 'moment' to recall--yesterday, today and all of your tomorrows.

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