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Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots

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What began as great friends playing silly tunes on local television, radio, and random stages has snowballed into a wildly beloved musical comedy group playfully named “Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots.” Comprised of Bobby Bones, Producer Eddie and a group of random friends, Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots is a band that started for laughs, but now has the whole world singing and laughing with them.

The Raging Idiots started with Bobby in high school. And later as a fake opener for his solo comedy act. The “band” was reinvented again in 2014 for a single charity event for no more than 40 people. Soon after, they decided to do one more show for charity in Wichita, KS. When that show sold over 3,000 tickets it only increased their drive to continue to use humor and music to help communities.

Knowing they would never win a grammy for “group of the year” or “male vocalist”, they still knew they were on to something big. Since then, The Raging Idiots have performed nearly 40 shows raising more than $2 million dollars benefitting various charities.

Building on the unexpected success and popularity of their sound, Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots signed to Black River Entertainment in May 2015, and proudly released a six track digital EP for their youngest fans entitled The Raging Idiots Presents: The Raging Kidiots, available now on iTunes, Google Play, and other digital platforms.

The Raging Idiots Presents: The Raging Kidiots is a must have record for kids and parents alike looking for some fun music that is loaded with silliness, topical humor, motivation and a little nugget of knowledge that makes learning a blast. There are several complimentary video pieces that have been released as well and are available on their official YouTube channel.

The Raging Idiots Presents: The Raging Kidiots opens as if shot from a confetti cannon of optimism with “When I Grow Up.” This anthemic head-bobbing sing-along dares kids to dream big by reminding them that the only limit to a bright fun future is their imagination.

A brain boost comes to those young ones—and grown ups—who may need a catchy mnemonic to remember the names of the planets in our galaxy. Aptly titled, “The Planet Song” will have you rattling off the exact order of the solar system along with a sudden craving for pizza.

The hooks don’t stop with a catchy and sincere explanation of the golden rule in “Be Nice.”  Along with guest vocals from Lindsay Ell, Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots’ unique ability to mix tongue-tripping word play along with lively storytelling is on full display.  

“People In America” tosses pop culture icons and figures from US history into a funky fresh Vitamix set to “jam.” The diversity of greatness that defines our country’s current collective consciousness is celebrated with shout-outs to Rocky Balboa, Betsy Ross and everyone (and everything) in between. Spoiler alert: beware of Minions!

“The Ballad of Big Head Bobby” is a larger than life tale of a young boy who learns to accept and love his obscenely large noggin. Couched as an old timey fable, the verses gleefully explore those awkward adolescent years by showing how being different can transform feelings of bashful self-awareness into confident self-empowerment.

All in all, The Raging Idiots Presents: The Raging Kidiots is the perfect inspirational record made specifically for kids but easily enjoyed by everybody.

With the successful release of their children’s EP, Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots are looking toward the release of the first full length comedy album in early 2016.

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