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Black Roses

     Big Guitars. Bigger Drums. Chest Crushing Bass. The Power Trio is alive and kickin' with Cincinnati's Black Roses. Ready to rock any venue with a face full of Marshall tone and classic tunes to match, Black Roses are far from the run-of-the mill local rock band.

   "You never really hear any of [Black Roses] choices covered around town. Sure, (some) bands might throw in a few early metal tunes here and there, but this band thrives on them. Like any thundering, flame throwing drag racer, the key is in the many days of relentless, tireless pre-race tuning. The behind the scenes grueling toil is what separates the kiddies from the killers. Black Roses are killers, revved up and ready for the green light." 
- RJ, Cincy Vibe Magazine

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