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Black Cloud Syndrome

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We're just four normal guys trying to leave our mark on the planet by creating music that appeals to everyone.Every song we write comes from within us and we try to project that in our performance. 
We are all experienced musicians that have all jammed in several bands. This line-up is the best it has ever been and we all couldn't be more proud of who we are and what we do.Music is in our hearts and it shows when Jeff's enthusiasm on the skins gets you smiling and bangin your head.Then there's Greg slappin the bass to give you that thump in your chest you'll need to get your heart started back after TW stops it with his clean, rippin guitar solo's.Last,but not least, Shannon to serenade your ear drums into a total eargasm of pure and total Rock-n-Roll bliss. 
Please listen with an open mind and always remember that your local bands cannot make it without your support.

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