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Billboards is the next music group to sweep the nation with singles such as “Panda,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Hello,” “Uber Everywhere,” "Stressed Out," and many more! They are a multi-genre band that is not afraid to stretch their musical limits.

Each song is inspired by a popular song title, making these songs even bigger, better, and more inspirational hits than the titles that inspired them! As a rule, Billboards remains unfamiliar with the titles that inspire their songs, and in most cases, they have never heard them at all. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but watch out, you may be singing this songs for days on end and spending valuable work time sharing them with friends.

For fans of popular music.

Copyright 2016 Billboards, Ryan Rockwell (formerly of Mixtapes), and Eric Tuffendsam (Kevin and the Octaves).

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