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Big Car Jack

Our band writes and continues to write. Creativity, art it is what we are all about.Well and chicks, of course rock and roll is all about chicks. Actually we are all married so we will cool out on the chicks. Check out BCJ and see for yourself what it is that we have to offer...a breath of fresh air, driven by diversity.

BCJ delivers 100% authentic, real, music. From the heart songwriting and the ultimate pursuit of a complete song. Rock, soul, blues, country, reggae, calypso, hip hop you name it we boys touch it. Just don't touch us you might catch something. We don't do the auto tune stuff, play all our stuff live, and are to cheap to let other people do our recording and mixing, so we are involved from concept to completion. We hope we convey a story to you in every song. It may not have the moral you like or the good guy win in the end. 
Take a listen BCJ is on fire.

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