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Behold The Legend

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In today's music, originality in metal is in a steady decline. With the goal of going against the metalcore norm and a crushing and yet somewhat dramatic 5-song EP, Behold The Legend is only concerned about taking the biggest leaps forward and not looking back.

Forming in 2010, the band has broken away from their small, country music filled town of Aurora,IN (Greater Cincinnati Area) and forced their way into the scenes of Ohio,Kentucky,and other surrounding areas. The band delivers a high energy live show and professional music perspective that is not seen in most bands of today with such young members. The band has shared the stage with national acts such as Impending Doom,Mychildren Mybride,The Crimson Armada,Legend, and local favorites of the surrounding area.

After several demos released, the band has just finished recording their 5 song EP, Dream Eater, with producer/engineer Nick Ingram (Industry Artist Management) at Capital House Studio. The EP delivers a different mood for each song, some being faster and more technically riff-driven, to slowed down, pure heavy songs. With each song sounding incomparable to the next, they keep within the same style throughout the EP, never losing the attention of listeners. Dream Eater is set to release early November 2011 along with a debut music video for the song "Gaunte" featured on Dream Eater.

One year strong and no signs of stopping, Behold The Legend is well on their way to gaining the respect of metal fans and musicians everywhere. Keep up with the band on their Facebook,Twitter,Myspace,Purevolume,and Reverbnation!

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