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Bear (The Ghost)

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Born of Robert and Rebecca Ritter, Robby was destined to play music since his first steps. He first learned to play the piano at age 10 by the helpful hands of his mother. Soon, rebellion overtook his spirit and he decided to play the drums. After growing tired of keeping the beat, he desired to create his own musc. At age 16 he began recording his first songs, not realizing what was to come.

Sarah Downen not only has the voice of an angel, but quite possibly the hands of one as well. Her piano skills are unrivaled. The 2 first met in elementary school, not knowing what their future held. After hearing Sarah play at an open Mic night last fall, Robby knew they would make music together. Soon after this fateful night the 2 played their first show together. The entire crowd was enthralled with Sarah, and Robby knew this match was no accident. Slaving away in the basement of Chad Wahlbrink, Robby has been preparing for Bear (the Ghost)'s debut album.

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