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In May of 2010, a brotherhood of five musicians decided to take music to a whole new level. That is when Aristo was born and this is the story of how the band came to be:

After previously touring and playing in a band together, Chris Glover (drums), Eric Gregory (guitar) and Graham Vogel (bass/vocals), decided they wanted to start a new project together. Unsure of the direction of the project the three musicians began writing songs together, but knew that a piece of their puzzle was missing. Almost simultaneously, the three stumbled across Evan Shank (guitar/vocals) performing an acoustic show at a local Coffee Shop. Immediately the three were impressed with his talents, and they decided to offer Evan a spot in the band. Now with two guitarists the band was almost complete, but was still lacking a lead vocalist, so, the now quartet of musicians, began on their journey of searching for the right man for the job. 

After searching for weeks and auditioning several singers, the band was beginning to lose hope, then one day at a college campus in Cincinnati, Chris heard one of his fellow classmates perform a song. Blown away by his talents, Chris enlisted James Droll (lead vocals) to audition as the band’s front man. After several auditions and practices, it became a unanimous decision that James would be the front man of the band and finally, Aristo was complete.

Present day Aristo may be the same original lineup and the same goals, but their sound has matured at a rate previously unimaginable to not only fans, but themselves as well. Aristo has combined the catchy simplicity “anthem like” sound of pop with the driving force of rock and sometimes “in your face” punk inspired hooks to create a unique sound that is guaranteed to make you listen over and over again. It’s almost impossible to pinpoint exactly what it is about the band that draws you in but it’s definitely safe to say that once you’re drawn in, you’ll remain a fan for a very long time.

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