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Anton Maskeliade

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With his completely improvised performances from New York to Moscow, Anton Maskeliade brings this elusive principle into the genres of electronica and contemporary pop. Using his whole body, he creates new soundscapes on the spot with 3D MIDI controllers and glitchy samplers. Never the same song twice. A strong proponent of new technology, Anton regularly looks for the new devices to diversify his live performances. As a result, he is developing gesture control technique to adjust not only audio effects but also the projection making whole set more interactive. 

His latest live video on public in Elektrichka Train where he made music with gesture control, took just one day to get all over the Internet. There are some articles in The Guardian, Leap Motion blog, Far From Moscow and GECO app about Maskeliade.

The start of his music career happened in the U.S. - in 2012 Anton was selected to the American cultural exchange program OneBeat, becoming the first representative of Russia. OneBeat gathers the most talented artists from around the world and arranges them on tour in the best venues of North America. 

He participated in collaboration with local community in Luzern during Found Sound Nation`s Street Studio at the Lucern Music Festival 2013. 

Anton also performed at one stage with such artist as Xeno and Oaklander and The Herbaliser.

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