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Anchors For Eyes

From the streets that have brought you bands like Beneath The Sky, comes Anchors For Eyes; a 6-piece metal band from the city of sin, Cincinnati, Ohio. They have a single idea at the heart of their music: produce sounds that will enlighten and impale the core of your soul. Vocalist Brian Morris’ screams will bring you to your knees while the raw power from lead guitarist Adam Lee and Rhythm guitarist Brett Mueller assault your ear drums. Bassist Andrew Isler adds to the onslaught with deep playing that will keep you down on the ground. Then with a kick to the face drummer Cody Patton's beats deliver the final blow leaving you a battered and bloody mess. Out of the darkness of your unconscious mind, keyboardist/vocalist Dustin Kidwell coaxes you back to your feet with an angelic voice. When these 6 men take the stage, they redefine metal. Never forgetting their audience, the band gets their fans involved in the show to make a brutal and hard-to-forget experience. As the band would say, “You're ears can’t repel metal of this magnitude!”

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