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American Wrestlers

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One-man, lo-fi, bedroom Indie Pop can be a tricky channel to navigate. A single creative source can result in an overly homogenous sound. If the “fi” is too “lo,” lyrics and music become a muddy, distorted mess. If the bedroom is the artist’s isolated universe, they don’t have much to explore in their music. Gary McClure, formerly with Working for a Nuclear Free City, doesn’t suffer from those problems in his solo project, American Wrestlers. A Scottish expat who moved to the States for love, McClure created his American Wrestlers material on his wife’s electronic piano and Ibanez guitar, along with a pawn-shop bass, and he recorded at home on a Tascam 8-track recorder. He collected bloggers’ e-mails, sent out MP3s and got a phenomenal response; his eponymous 8-song debut came out on Fat Possum this past spring. The fi is lo — there’s more hiss than the raw footage from Snakes on a Plane — but the Pop is sensational.

You'll Dig It If You Dig: Playing demo poker with The National, Dave Grohl and a super-medicated Robert Smith. (BB)

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