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A Present Day Nightmare

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year. This band was formed in July of 2003 by Brian Cash, the original drummer for the local band V-Mob, and Randy Barrett, guitar player of such acclaimed bands as Undun and Staring At The Sun. Having known each other and played together for years, it was apparent that something special was going to happen.

Rounded out on vocals by Richard Bowers of the Florida band Reface the Earth, bass by Josh Smith, and second guitar by Nick Scarburry of the aforementioned Staring At the Sun, so began the cultivation of an original hardcore/metal band such as the Cincinnati, OH area has never seen. Over 1000 demos and fliers were passed out before APDN took the stage for their first show in November of 2003. Immediately, the audiences were stunned, introducing a term for their songs that has not been taken lightly: the "wow" effect.

Shows continued to create even more buzz for this band that contains not only intricate and anthem-like melodies, but a precise and sometimes erratic rhythm section that never looses focus. For a band influenced by such bands as Unearth, Poison the Well, and From Autumn To Ashes, it is still virtually impossible to pigeonhole their sound.

By February of 2004, Jon Pauly, from fellow local band Kill the Messenger, had replaced Nick Scarburry. Writing and recording for an upcoming full length started almost immediately and by July of 2004, a full length entitled "Symphony of a Broken Heart" was released.

With bass player Josh Smith being replaced by Sean Boyle of the local band Ailinel in November of 2004, it is safe to say that A Present Day Nightmare had seen a very busy year and are now tighter than ever. Two lineup changes, a host of high-energy shows both on and off stage that proved to increase audiences almost overnight, and a local album release that saw 500 copies sold in just three months by word of mouth. The future can only bring more success for A Present Day Nightmare.

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