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Jecorey “1200” Arthur is a music educator, composer, and performer from Louisville, KY. He began composing music at age ten, and at age twelve purchased the KORG D-1200, which is where his nickname comes from. He quickly became a self-taught recording artist and producer, but decided to become classically trained instead of chasing music industry dreams. Prior to obtaining his Bachelor of Music Education at the University of Louisville, he had the chance to perform at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX and the Jungfrau Music Festival in Interlaken, Switzerland. During his undergraduate studies, 1200 was a student of Dr. Greg Byrne, Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Louisville. Though 1200's compositions can be considered hip hop, he is heavily influenced by neo-classicism and fusion. While in college, 1200 co-founded a creative collective known as the United Legion of DOOM, which features musicians, artists, designers, producers, and creative intellectuals from around the globe. 1200 has co-executive produced albums such as Nick B'sTranscendence and Hwang's It Was Only Yesterday1200 additionally executive produced his own release, SYMPHONY I, in August 2014. SYMPHONY I is an exploration of life, narrated in an anachronic fashion. The music on SYMPHONY I features a variety of samples and influences from various genres including 1990s soul and contemporary classical works.   1200’s unique blend of talent, experience, and polystylism also appears in Louisville music groups Citizens United and The Monolith. His most notable performance endeavor is his 1200 ensemble, a group of mixed musicians and designers that perform with him at concerts. This group often features DJ Deuce Carter, keyboardist and guitarist Nick B, light coordinator Lauren "Elmo" Morris, and more. 1200's ensemble is known for performing unique shows that differ from previous ones. In December 2014, he performed at Headliners Music Hall, joined on stage by a twelve-piece chamber chorus and string quintet. 1200 has also had multiple collaborations with Teddy Abrams, Director of Music for the Louisville Orchestra. The pair's most notable performance was LOWF4th (Louisville Orchestra Waterfront 4th), where 1200 performed for 35,000 people alongside the Louisville Orchestra on 4th of July in his hometown. Later that month 1200 collaborated with Dr. Dundiff and performed at Forecastle Festival, even sharing a stage with My Morning Jacket's Jim James.   By day, 1200 is a music educator who specializes in percussion pedagogy. His most recent educational endeavor has been to serve as the Music Specialist at Hite Elementary School. He has also served as Program Director for AMPED (Academy of Music Production Education and Development) where he developed curriculum for students to learn the art of rapping, recording, and more. Alongside his performance and educational projects, 1200 is an event curator and has organized for PechaKucha, Kleisner Events, Resurfaced (City Collaborative and Louisville Downtown Partnership), Speed Art Museum, and the Louisville Orchestra. 1200 graduated from the University of Louisville in May 2015 with his Master of Arts in Teaching.

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